10 Content Nerds Share Content Marketing Tips And Resources

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As a content creator and strategist, one of the earliest (and most important) lessons I learned was to obsessively consume content by creators I respect and even envy to improve the quality of my work. So, when I transitioned from digital media to tech in 2021, I sought out those doing impressive work in the field, combed through their portfolios, subscribed to their newsletters, and stalked them on social media. 

Now that I want to do more writing about content marketing in 2024 (please hold me to this, guys), it only makes sense that I kick off The Content Nerd blog by asking some of my favourite content nerds — the ones I shamelessly stalked and drew significant inspiration from — to share their most helpful content hacks, the 2023 content projects they’re most proud of, and the content resources that make them so great at what they do.  

[Note: This article was updated on January 18 to include one more content nerd.]

1. Daniel Orubo (Head of Content Strategy, PiggyVest)

I initially didn’t plan to include myself on this list, but it didn’t seem fair to ask all these busy content experts to share trade secrets without also doing so myself. 

What’s a content marketing/creation hack I swear by?

I already said it in the introduction, but it bears repeating: intentionally consuming great content makes you a better creator. When you find a great piece of content that convinces you to take action, take a second look at it with a strategic eye. Ask yourself why it worked for you and what changes you would implement to improve it. Don’t be afraid to borrow and improve upon the ideas of others. 

What’s my favourite content project of 2023, and why?

I worked on many exciting things last year, personally and professionally, but the project I’m most proud of is the PiggyVest Savings Report 2023. When I first pitched the idea, I didn’t think it would be nearly as impactful as it ended up being. It surpassed the target my bosses set for it in the first hour, trended on X for the entire day, and has now been read by over 100k people. Beyond how it performed, though, I love that it pushed me in a way no other project has in a minute — having to put on my data analyst hat was both scary and exciting. If your work doesn’t terrify you a little, you might not be pushing yourself hard enough.

What’s my favourite content marketing resource?

I love everything about the Content Folks newsletter by Fio D. I discovered it when it was on its 50th issue, and I had to go back and read all the entries I missed. I picked up frameworks from the newsletter that fundamentally changed how I strategise. 

2. Lade Falobi (Product Growth Manager, Motherboard; Creator, Marketing for Geeks) 

Marketing for Geeks is easily one of my favourite marketing newsletters of all time — I’ve read every issue, some more than once. The structure is engaging, it’s consistently packed with valuable insights, and Lade’s curiosity and passion are infectious.

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

Content repurposing. It just makes sense; you've put in the work and created this content, so you should get the most out of it. You shouldn’t create content to post once and move on. An article can become a carousel on Instagram, a video on TikTok, a Thread or Space on Twitter, or an infographic optimised for Search or Pinterest. For example, at Motherboard, we started doing Twitter Spaces and turned key points from them into articles and snippets into audio bites for IG. The posts around the Twitter Space got more engagement and brought us more followers than the Twitter Space itself.

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

The product marketing quiz I created from my newsletter (Marketing For Geeks) last year. After taking a product management quiz from another newsletter I follow, I got the idea and started lazily working on it on and off. I spent about 5 hours (in total) on the quiz. It would have taken longer if I hadn't had ChatGPT to help. My goal was to make the quiz based on previous issues of my newsletter, but I wanted it to be such that someone who had never read my newsletter could still be able to answer (within reason). The second hardest part of the quiz was creating a cheat sheet with the correct answers, a brief explanation, and a link to an issue where I discussed it.

It was my favourite project of the year because of the responses I got from it, the conversations it started on some communities I was on, and the number of new subscribers it brought in for me. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed creating it, and it felt good to have enough bank of content that I could make a quiz around it.

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

Recently, I’ve been enjoying The Early Stage Marketer, although it's not strictly for content marketing. I also enjoy Harry's Copywriting Examples, Yellow Chilli Campaigns, and Corey Haines' Swipe Files. They teach using examples and are very short and precise, exactly like (most) copywriting should be.

3. Jeremiah Ajayi (B2B Content Marketer)

I first learned about Jeremiah’s excellent grasp of content marketing when we worked together at PiggyVest. Since then, I’ve watched him deliver consistently stellar work as a content marketer and freelance content writer. 

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

One powerful hack for content marketing/creation is embracing automation tools. These tools can be your time-saving allies, allowing you to channel your efforts into fostering creativity. 

Take, for example, using tools like Airgram to automate transcription tasks, freeing you up to enhance the quality of your writing. Additionally, leverage ChatGPT to edit and align your content with your brand's tone, making life easier for your human editor. If you're facing a creative block, ChatGPT can also provide thought-provoking prompts. 

This strategic use of automation boosts productivity and ensures you spend time on tasks that require your unique touch, rather than on those that AI can handle in seconds.

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

My favourite content project of 2023 was Stears Explains, a series focused on key explanations of electoral issues. I played a crucial role in this project by generating content ideas and implementing on-page SEO edits. Additionally, I was responsible for distributing the content to our email subscribers. There are two primary reasons why I enjoyed working on this project so much. 

First, it held significant importance at the time as it played a pivotal role in helping thousands of Nigerians better understand the elections. It wasn't just about fulfilling a job responsibility but empowering citizens to fulfil their civic duty. Secondly, the series saw tremendous success, with a remarkable 97% week-over-week increase in organic search traffic acquisition and garnered hundreds of thousands of views. 

Contributing to a project that served a critical purpose and achieved outstanding results was incredibly satisfying.

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

Writing Well Handbook by Julian Shapiro. It’s ridiculously practical, providing tips that transformed how I write.

4. Alma Asinobi (Founder & CEO, Kaijego)

Alma is a captivating, versatile storyteller. Regardless of the medium — from snappy travel videos to threads on X — she knows how to keep her audience engaged. It’s why her session on marketing for the ConTech podcast was our top episode of 2023. 

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

A content marketing hack I swear by is batch-creating (creating a lot of content at once so it can be posted later). Consistency is the name of the game, and batch-creating content way ahead of when you need it helps you stay organised and consistent.

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

My favourite content project was creating a TV ad with Travelbeta. Going with the direction of combining experiences I had had around the world from past video content and piecing them together was really interesting.

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

Everything Seth Godin has ever breathed on is gold, but one of my favourite of his works is the book, This is Marketing.


Work with Me

5. Tamilore Oladipo (Content Writer, Buffer)

Tamilore is my favourite type of content nerd — the kind who invests not only in their growth but that of other content creators as well. When she isn’t sharing valuable resources on X, she’s nerding out over the process of creating value for audiences.

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

Making the most of the Saved/Favorites/Archive folder features on social media is a great way to save the best ideas and content you come across on the web. Remembering to reference those is another ball game entirely, though.

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

I spent about eight months on a project called Creators Unlocked, interviewing creators across different platforms, audience sizes, and disciplines, and it was the most enlightening work I've ever done. I learned about the simultaneous difficulty and ease of content creation and the different ways creators define themselves. It gave me a renewed appreciation for the craft and a deep understanding of what it's like to focus on content creation as a career today.

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

I'm a podcast girlie right now, so that's what I'll recommend. The Passionfroot podcast, Creators on Air, has been a vital resource for me to understand content as a craft. I also enjoy Content, Briefly by Superpath as a look into how different content marketing teams operate.

6. Aisha Owolabi (Content Marketing Manager, PhotoRoom)

Aisha Owolabi is a force of nature in the content marketing space. Beyond the excellent work she does for PhotoRoom, her marketing community, SMarketers Hub, is one of the most ambitious no-code communities in Nigeria. 

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

When it comes to content marketing hacks, here's a golden nugget I always share: keep a list of content differentiators close at hand and use it to give each piece of content its own special edge. This list should be as unique as your audience and industry, but here are two differentiators that have been game-changers for me:

  1. Bringing the customer into the conversation: It's all about adding the customer's voice. This isn't just about showcasing testimonials; it's diving deep into their insights, and sometimes, it's as simple as asking them what they think about your content. You'll be amazed at the gems you can uncover — insights that make your content click with your audience like never before.
  2. Leveraging subject matter experts: Content marketing is for more than just the marketing team, and no one content marketer knows everything about anything. I love reaching out across the business, picking brains from every department, and even stepping outside to tap into external expertise. This blend of knowledge and perspectives? It's pure gold. It injects a level of depth and authenticity into your content that's hard to replicate.

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

I worked on many things I love in 2023, but my favourite project has to be leading the creation of Inside the Marketers' Room, our debut book at Smarketers Hub. This was more than just writing a book; it was about pioneering a unique project that brought together over 50 marketing leaders globally. This experience was a first for me, and leading my team through the challenge of distilling vast amounts of expert insights into a cohesive, valuable book was intense but highly rewarding. This project honed my skills as a marketer and team leader, guiding a group of talented individuals to produce work that I believe makes a difference in the marketing world.

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

Choosing a single favourite content marketing resource is challenging for me — my approach is more like a buffet; I love trying a bit of everything. Two podcasts that really resonate with me are This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose and Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi alone. They stand out for their deep insights and comprehensive approach.

7. Ama Udofa (Storyteller)

Ama Udofa is a multifaceted storyteller who has written for publications like Rolling Stone and led content marketing for fast-growing brands like Vendease. His journey from award-winning fiction writer to award-winning content marketer fascinated me. 

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

Don't wait for things to be perfect. Just start and stay consistent; you'll improve as you go. But also be thorough in the execution. 

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

I started a wine & liqueur series in December (#UncorkedWithAma across social media). This is special to me because I've been behind the camera for most of my career, but putting myself in front of it with limited resources and creating alcohol content that people love, can relate to or learn from has been quite exciting, but also scary, in my journey to become a "full-stack" storyteller.

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

I find the Marketing for Geeks newsletter by Lade Falobi quite insightful. I also read How to Do Great Work by Paul Graham, which can be applied to content marketing.

8. Izzie Ekong (Co-founder, TEMSI)

I first met Izzie when we worked together at PiggyTech, and I quickly became a fan of her marketing approach. Since then, she’s co-founded the fantastic Tech Marketers Support Initiative aka TEMSI, which was created to help newbie tech marketers find their bearings.

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

The most basic of all would be to focus on selling benefits and solutions with your content, no matter the kind of content. And in doing that, remember that your best-performing content can get outdated, so remember to update and repurpose it. 

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

A project I’m proud of from last year is the work we did at TEMSI. From building the brand to having six scholars (product marketing and content marketing scholars) who went through our program (boot camp, mentorship and internship), my heart is filled with fulfilment as our scholars round up their internships from companies like SmileID, Legal Trunk, Robin and SavetoBuy. Getting started in your career can be challenging, so it’s fulfilling to be able to help exceptional talents get a head start. 

We have a more solid program and plan for 2024, and I can’t wait to see more marketing newbies get a solid career start while we provide more resources and opportunities for other marketers of all levels. 

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

One of my favourite content marketing resources is the Content, Briefly podcast by Superpath and the Superpath blog. Twitter is also a great resource if you follow the right people. 

9. Boluwatife Akindele (Associate Content Strategist, PiggyVest)

Boluwatife is the only person I currently work with on this list, and he’s easily one of the smartest, most consistent people I’ve ever had on any of my teams. He makes my job infinitely easier, showing an excellent grasp of strategy and what makes content engaging — across various formats. 

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

Obsessively consuming good content. There are no two ways about it — consuming good content is how you become a better content consumer, creator, and marketer. It helps you sharpen your taste for quality content, and over time, you're able to identify what elements are missing in your content, the new content marketing/creation trends to stay on top of, discover new ideas to experiment with, and it provides you with multiple solid references to draw from when brainstorming at work or crafting content.

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

It’s definitely the Money Matters by PiggyVest newsletter. I worked on multiple content projects last year, but the newsletter was one I completely owned from end to end, and that has been a very crucial learning curve for me as a marketer.

My team lead has also been very accommodating in allowing me to experiment with the newsletter, and it’s always a delight to see how small tweaks here and there move the needle forward. If you see me scrolling on my laptop by 2 am, I’m probably checking how many more readers have opened our email, what they’re clicking on, and what I can learn from it. I’m practically obsessed. Also, subscribe pleeeaasseee!

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

Without thinking twice, my go-to content marketing resource is Fio Dossetto’s blog, contentfolks. I first came across her article on the 8 traits of a senior content marketer when my team lead shared it last year. It took me about a week to get to it, but once I did, I understood why Daniel had shared it. It was timely and also very helpful in reflecting on my work and understanding what growth looks like for me as a content marketer. 

Of course, I decided to explore other posts she’d written and immediately got hooked. If her newsletter ever goes premium, I won’t hesitate to subscribe. She also has some excellent content on YouTube, but her blog is gold.

10. Michael Oladele (Content Marketing Manager)

Michael Oladele, who has done fantastic work for Cowrywise, was one of the first content nerds I reached out to when I decided to write this piece. Due to some unforeseen circumstances (read: Nigeria), he was unable to send over his contribution on time. But when he eventually did, his insights were too good not to include post-publication. (Another pro tip: Don’t be afraid to update your best content when you can.) 

What’s a content marketing/creation hack you swear by?

The bulk of content marketing is distribution. You can create solid content with the right target audience in mind, but if it never reaches them, then it’s useless. You know how sometimes you stumble upon a great novel or an amazing YouTube channel, and wonder, why is no one talking about this? That’s what happens when you create good content but don’t distribute it well.

And a core part of distribution is content repurposing. One thing I always remind myself when it comes to content distribution and repurposing is this: content is as relevant as you want it to be. It means what you wrote two years ago can still be relevant today if you update it, turn it into an Instagram reel or YouTube short, expand it into a podcast episode, or rework it to be a topic for discussion on a Twitter space. By repurposing your original content in various forms, you keep the lifetime and relevance of your content for as long as you want.

What’s your favourite content project of 2023, and why?

This is such a difficult question, given that I spent the past year working as a content marketing manager for a tech startup. I think I’ll go with the Cowrywise Transition to Tech Guide.

It’s my favourite for two reasons: First, because of how much work went into it. I had to get input from top tech professionals in the Nigerian tech space to come up with a comprehensive and practical guide. Second, because of how relevant it is to young Nigerians who are still trying to figure out their path in tech. This guide is the solution they’ve been waiting for.

What’s your favourite content marketing resource?

Does Semrush’s Twitter page count? I really love the great content they put out every single day. I also love the Hubspot courses on content marketing. I’d recommend those two to anyone.